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As physicians our point of entry in patient care is different. We have experience in medical practice in emerging medical systems and also in the most advanced set-ups. We are with the patient from initial assessment until discharge and follow up. Our services include:


  • Handling information requests for international medical services, programs  and physicians

  • Locating the right physician to meet the patient’s specific needs

  • Arranging formal ‘second opinions’ based on the patient’s medical record

  • Scheduling appointments including consultations and follow up care

  • Giving visa support via letter of invitation

  • Processing medical cost estimations and billings

  • Arranging transportation, airport transfers and accommodation

  • Accommodating religious and cultural needs


We carry out a patient satisfaction survey before and after the medical treatment.  This feedback is important to all parties, including clinicians and participating hospitals/clinics. We place a high premium on patient confidentiality and safety.

Further Services


Conception, planning and modernisation of hospitals, rehabilitation units, ICUs, and specific clinical departments


Workshops and seminars for medical and administrative personnel


Routine health check up


Telemedicine (teleradiology, teleconsultations, and teleteaching)




Surgical consult


Medical consult









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